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If you are a successful YouTube celebrity with lets say 100,000 subscribers, imagine being able to convert even a small percentage of those followers into actual paying subscribers on your own custom website. How many could you convert? 1%? 10%? With 10,000 subscribers at just $2.99, you're bringing in about $19,000 per month in addition to whatever you are earning on YouTube. Thats only in subscriber fees, not to mention advertising and merchandising revenue!

We are not asking you to move to Studios Network, we're saying theres a percentage of your current subscribers which crave your content so much they're willing to pay a little extra per month for exclusive behind-the-scenes access or for premium content. These loyal fans would probably love having a custom app installed on their device for just your brand, and would likely purchase custom merchandise with your brand, as well.

Thats how you step up your game, and we can help. For as little as $9 per month (plus bandwidth and storage fees), you could be pulling in additional revenue and building your own media empire.

You really have nothing to lose.

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